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the average shower still  uses 63 litres of water

If we were to combine an individual’s daily water usage
along with his consumption of commodities that require
water in their manufacturing then the average
UK citizen by that rationale consumes a little over

3400 litres

of water every day.


6 litres

of water is consumed per minute by a running tap.


1 minute of showering equals up to

45 litres

every minute.
No wonder water companies keep pressing
for their ban—Hosepipes—drain
1000 litres in an hour.


Old toilet flushing mechanisms use

14 litres

per flush in stark contrast the new ones are
better suited to the water saving cause with a
minimum of 2.4 litres and a maximum
of 4 litres per flush.


Abuse and Negligence The cost of keeping a single leaky tap unrepaired is5000 litresof water a year.

Running taps during a shave, brushing teeth or while applying soap on your hands before you wash results in draining 6 litresof water with every passing minute.


Disposing minor rubbish, meant for waste bins, into the WC pan leads to a criminal waste of water, estimated in the region of

27 million litres

per week.


Continued use of old flushing systems would mean a drain of

14 liters

per flush which can be reduced to 4 litres by either replacing it with a new one or by installing a cistern displacement device in the existing system.


Using disproportionate quantity of water to wash clothes or loading the washing machine at less than optimum number of clothes.


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Share a shower to save water

Share - a - Shower

Not long ago was the south-eastern belt of Britain declared drought affected, nearly half the country felt the sting of water scarcity and the situation was beginning to look as bleak as 1976 and the streets, many speculated, would have resembled it too with water rationing and standpipes in the streets, but thanks to the resilient water infrastructure that sustained our country through a dire situation.

Drought and low water reserves are terms dreaded by all citizens, the mere thought of water rationing is unimaginable and ordinary citizens would do all in their power to ensure and contribute towards containing and overcoming a serious crisis. We all are quick to acknowledge water as one of the most precious commodities and yet we forget to take constructive measures in our daily routines often wasting water when not needed, we are awakened to our senses only in difficult circumstances when are within the ambit of harsh treatment.

Water scarcity is a global reality and a crisis that affects many countries in the world on which Britain relies for a lot of commodities, the supply of these goods would be severely curtailed with water shortage and would necessitate diplomatic efforts to cultivate better relations with regions that would supply our commodity demands. A strain on water reserves would also result if imports shortages are met with in-house production efforts, leaving bigger water-footprints than before which will inevitably lead to a reduction in the quantity of water available to us.

Water companies spring into damage control mode with hosepipe bans as a combative measure every single time the country experiences a water crisis. Appeals from the civic authorities to curb water usage by limiting shower duration to less than four minutes, disengaging the tap while brushing teeth and washing dishes, and engaging the washing machine at optimum loads only, are issued in the common interest of all citizens.

QS Supplies wishes to extend its solidarity to the share-a-shower campaign spearheaded by Methode. Meanwhile Methode based on carefully researched material, in its quest to make a meaningful contribution as a responsible part of the bathroom industry. Many water suppliers have found negligence to have caused an annual wastage of over 50 billion litres of water. Contributions are made to this huge loss by our everyday activity revolving around the use of water within our households, offices and line of work directly dependent on water. Showering alone accounts for 1.5 billion litres, a considerable sum which can be redeemed by a simple gesture which would both save water and bring your loved one even more closer to you by sharing your shower with your loved ones and turning this gesture into your everyday routine thus imbibing a culture that would make a significant contribution towards saving water.

The crisis in 2012 almost had many of us on the brink of queuing to stand pipes in our streets; we are faced with the stark reality of having lesser water per person in south-east England than the population of Sudan and Syria. Such situations can be ameliorated if not completely averted with a little gesture of goodwill and solidarity for our fellow citizens.

Imagine the kind of benevolent impact we would enable on the environment and wildlife which would ultimately benefit us more than anybody else, hence will be doing ourselves a great favour. So spread the word around by joining the share-a-shower campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to bring about a bathroom culture of sharing.